Fragment Magazine

Self initiated magazine.

Fragment Magazine
Self-intitiated magazine
Music on recording: Kaveh Fallahi/Eastern Lord

Contributors: Fabricio Alves, Abdi Amiin, Hampus Andersson, Stina Barbrosdotter, Jonas Cullberg, Sara Elfstrand, Kaveh Fallahi, Hannah Gustafson, Helena Gustavsson, Kjell Tina Henriksson, Johan Javelius, Daniela Juvall, Maria Larsen, Sara May Kahl, Adde A. Nilsson, Bilan Osman, Malin Sandquist, Eigil Söderin, Ida Therén and Andrij Volja.

We spend over six hours a day in media, hours adding up to twenty years of a lifetime. The scenes presented and the people who fit in them affects our view on the world as well as ourselves. We shape the world through our stories about it. What if we tell them differently?

To make experiences, perspectives, and ways to be that rarely fit in our collective history visible, I started the magazine Fragment. The first issue was launched at Berghs Grad Show 2015.

✌ Fragment magazine was awarded Berghs School of Communication Courage of the Year 2015