Visual identity for Rättviseförmedlingen.

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Client: Rättviseförmedlingen/The Equalisters, 2018.

Project: Visual identity including designing and programming Keynote and Pages templates.

Visual identity for Rättviseförmedlingen (The Equalisters), a non-profit organization with the mission to correct the imbalances of representation in media, culture and business.

The illustrations in the logo and through out the identity are drawn by amazing Bitte Andersson. The typefaces is designed by Charlotte Rohde and Angela Klein, Type Club Düsseldorf.


The new logotype is a hand snapping fingers, encourages action in a warm and playful way.
The logotype is also made in an animated version.

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Typfaces by Angela Klein and Charlotte Rohde, Type Club Düsseldorf.

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Enamel pins, hands illustrated by Bitte Andersson.

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The search for competent people with a broader background than the norm is the core of Rättviseförmedlingen, but over time they have moved to doing so much more than that. The lists of competent people have been named “Listoteket”, so in order to mark where the organization comes from and preserve their visual heritage, the former logo became Listoteket's new symbol.

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Visuals for social media.

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